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Earl Silas Tupper  

Inventor Genius


In 1949, Earl Tupper introduced the “Tupper Seal”, an air-tight flexible lid for his bowls which is said to be inspired from the lid of a paint can.

This unique trademark feature still exists in Tupperware products until today. 

Our Super Seals are tried, tested and perfected with over 60 years of heritage and experience. Tupperware conserves natural flavors and nutrients, and keeps food fresh and safe.

We don’t just innovate,
we create quality, style and value.


Brownie Wise  

Party Maverick


In 1951, Brownie Wise introduced the Tupperware home party system. She shared product knowledge and solutions with women, which would enable them to gain many opportunities and rewards.

For over 60 years, Tupperware has made an unwavering commitment to enlighten, educate and empower women - it has nurtured family bonding, fostered friendships, and given us many reasons to enjoy life.

We don’t just host a party,
we provide opportunities for life.