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  • How can I find a dealer to buy from?

    Contact a branch nearest to your place of work or residence for dealer recommendations. Click this link to see our listing of branches nationwide.

  • How do I become a dealer?

    1. Please visit one of our branches (click here to see our branch listing) and bring the following:

    * Any two (2) Valid IDs/Proof of Residence:

    Company ID, Passport, TIN, SSS ID and other government issued ID

    2. Upon registration, you will receive an Independent Group Supervisor (IGS) Opportunity Kit containing everything that you need to start your Tupperware Brands business.

    * Independent Group Supervisor (IGS) Starter Kit in nice-to-carry designs
    * Tupperware Brands Earning Opportunity Flyer
    * Trust Receipt Agreement, a form that documents every transaction you make with your customers
    * Campaign Brochures
    * Product Guide

  • Where is the nearest branch? Can I just walk-in as a customer and buy products?
    Our listing of Tupperware Brands branches can be found in this link. Yes, walk-ins are allowed. Though our branches are set-up to support and facilitate the business of our dealer/sales force, we have devised a system by which walk-in customers can be serviced. Simply identify yourself as a potential customer at the branch entrance and you will be directed to the dealer-of-the-day who will take care of your queries and product needs.
  • How do I replace my Tupperware?
    Please click this link for details regarding our Tupperware guarantee and replacement policy. For more information please click this link to send us an email.
  • How do I find out more about latest products and offers?
    Your trusted dealer will keep you informed on our latest products and offers. Ask your dealer for a copy of the Tupperware Brands brochure, and the exclusive Tupperware brochure. Or you may check our online brochures here.
  • How do I become a distributor?
    Our current set of Independent Business Distributors (IBD) came from the ranks of our dealers. The distributor level is the highest level in the sales force career path that dealers and managers can aspire for.
  • Is there a registration fee for new dealers? How much capital do I need to start my Tupperware business?
    There is no registration fee for new dealers. The only investment is the Opportunity Kit that is an essential step to building your Tupperware Brands Business. This contains products, brochures, and other business supplies valued at over Php 2400 but may be purchased at a special offer.