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Success Stories

TWB Mother Daughter Managers video 2016

Gina and Albert

Emilio and Emilyn

Achieve more with Tupperware Brands

“It’s nice to think that we belong to a company that continues to think and introduce innovations in its products in order to bring happiness to the people"
ABD Joseph & Marivic Go
Area Business Distributor (ABD)
ABD Cotabato-Admiral Party Sales
27 years with Tupperware Brands

“Thank you very much, Tupperware. I was able to send my children to school because of my earnings from Tupperware. It is a very stable, caring and credible company."
BD Virginia Tecson
Business Director (BD)
Cebu Branch
36 years with Tupperware Brands

“Before, I just lived with my sister. But now we can rent on our own. We didn’t have everything before. But now we were able to buy a TV, beds, and a refrigerator just
because of Tupperware."

BM April Dianne Rejuso
Business Manager (BM)
ABD Davao-Go
6 years with Tupperware Brands

“My life with Tupperware is a wonderful journey, a very rewarding journey.
Tupperware has always been very generous in giving awards and rewards and in recognizing one’s contribution for the company and for the people."

BM Aurora P. Espiritu
Business Manager (BM)
Shaw Branch
50 Years with Tupperware Brands

Tupperware Associates:

“When you say Tupperware, people look up to you. The Tupperware quality
has always been highly regarded"

“I’m very proud to belong to a company that has a mission.
A company whose reason for existing is to help people, build their lives,
make their lives better.”

“Here in Tupperware, we’re like a family, we really care about each other."