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Learn as I Take You by the Hand


As a Tupperware Brands Business Consultant, you are independent but certainly not alone. Everything is in place for you to succeed, and we guide you every step of the way using a simple, proven path to financial success. We have people in the branches who will teach you the basics, provide you with sales and marketing tools, and focus on your training needs to get you on your way to early success.
We also conduct training workshops at the branches weekly. During these workshops, you get the chance to share your experiences, obtain guidance, further hone your skills, and learn from the encounters with other dealers like you.

Take note that with Tupperware Brands, you get to choose your own “learning” pace. Workshops go from product training, basic selling, consultant engagement to advance methods. All the most innovative marketing and sales tools are available to you, at no cost. You just need to invest your time and show your commitment to get through to your own success.