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New Products


Tupperware 3-pc. Condi Serve Set

Ideal for storing olive oil, soy sauce, fish sauce or balsamic vinegar. Has an integrated indent on both sides that enables you to easily and firmly grab and hold with one hand. Translucent base makes it easy to see the contents.


Tupperware Double Deep Set

Comes with virtually air-tight seals that keep food fresh longer. Durable, detachable cariolier clicks on directly to the container, making it easy and convenient to carry anywhere.


Tupperware Party Keeper 3L

Virtually air-tight seal keeps food fresh and flavorful. Sheer base for easy viewing of contents. Stackable to maximize storage space.


Tupperware Classic Royal Collection

Let's create wonderful mealtime memories. Have a fun and fuss-free outdoor dining using Tupperware classic servers.


Colour Collection Whitening BB Cream SPF 30 30 mL

An all-in-one beauty balm that contains whitening ingredients to even out skin tone and promote healthy skin cell renewal.


Camo Chic Fabulous

Comes in floriental fruity scent.


Camo Chic Feisty

Comes in floriental citrus scent.


Camo Chic Fierce

Comes in floral green scent.


Fidelity Azure

Comes in woody marine musky scent.