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New Products


Tupperware Round Divided Lunch Set

Virtually air-tight and liquid-tight seal for on the go use. Perfect for bringing saucy dishes on the go. Base comes with a fixed divider for easy portioning and separation of food.


Tupperware Clear Bowl Collection

Inspired by the beauty of glass, the Clear Bowl Collection allows you to store, serve and transport your food straight from the fridge in style. Comes with a virtually air-tight and liquid-tight seal. Perfect for entertaining indoors and outdoors. Can be used to serve main dishes or desserts. Not microwave-reheatable.


Tupperware Classic Touch Melamine Dinner Plate

Modular, stackable design to save space and prevent condensation and odor. Uses click-lock seal providing easy access while stacked. Perfect for storing potatoes, onions and other vegetables that you don't keep in the fridge.


Tupperware Snack Keeper Mosaic

Microwave-reheatbale. Colander with drainage openings is ideal for streaming vegetables for healthy cooking. Spoon conveniently clips on when not in use.


Tupperware Insulated Servers

2-in-1 bowl system nests to create an air gap for insulation, no need to add water. Requires less storage space. Inner and outer bowls can be used separately for more servings. Outer bowls are microwave safe.


Colorfun Color Me Pretty Lip & Cheek Tint 8 mL

A cult classic, this 2-in1 liquid stain comes in a water-based formula. Easy to blend and build color as needed for long-lasting satin finish.


Colorfun Color Statement Metallic Matte Lipstick 4 g

Bold and lavish matellic hues. In matte metallic finish that does not fel dry.



Your favorite sparkling fragrance in its new jewel=shaped bottle is sure to bring out the shine and sizzle in you!


Xtra Protect Anti-Stain Anti-Perspirant Roll-On Deodorant 40 mL

Deodorant that fits every man's active lifestyle. Has Triple Protection that gives 48-hour odor protection that leaves you confident and comfortable. Keeps skin dry and protects you from sweat for all-day freshness. Eliminates odors caused by the bacterial breakdown of perspiration.