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Product Warranty

Product Warranty Statement (10-year Warranty)

Subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter stated, Tupperware Brands Philippines, Inc. will replace, a product that shows a manufacturing defect under normal non-commercial use for a 10-year period to commence from the date of purchase. The company has the sole prerogative to determine whether the defect is a manufacturing defect and as such, covered by the warranty, and such determination is final. The replacement warranty does not cover bags and pouches and non-Tupperware plastic products which shall be governed by their specific warranties.

To replace a product, covered under the above warranty, the defective product shall be sent or brought to any authorized Tupperware Brand’s Branch or Service Center. Products sent or brought in should be clean and washed with soap and water.
The warranty is non-transferable in character such that only the original purchaser is allowed to benefit from the same. Damage caused to a part or product by accident, misuse or abuse of the product voids the warranty.

Defective products submitted for replacement will be replaced with a minimal charge of 15% handling fee (based on the customer selling price at the time of replacement), as long as the product is within the 10-year warranty period. The customer must submit all parts and components that make the product complete and may choose a product of similar value and function, from the existing stocks available in the branches or service center.

The Q guarantee

Product in the brochures marked with the Q symbol are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects. These products are not covered by the 10-year warranty. Accident, misuse or abuse of the products voids the warranty.

Manufacturing defects valid for replacement:
1. Bag stitching quality and zipper functioning issues
2. Rust mark on new knives and peeler blades, and other stainless parts
3. Melamine products
- Sharp Edges
- Uneven Glaze
- Blurring of Decals
- Embedded dirt/black spots

To replace a part or product as covered under the above Q guarantee, the defective product shall be sent or brought to any authorized Tupperware Brands Philippines branch together with the product warranty insert of the product within 30 days of purchase for a free replacement.